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Guild pack y pack MVP

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los guild pack que estan el servidor consiste en los siguientes items 馃檪

Guild Pack Mvp desde 5 Personas

5122.gif聽x2 Magni's Cap

5493.gifx1Ulle's Cap

5796.gifx1 g谩ngster Scarf

2729.gifx4 anillo Diablo

15001.gifx2 Odin's Blessing

1544.gifx1 Lunakaligo +7

2114.gifx2 Stone Buckler

card.gifx1 Alicia

card.gifx2 Mantis

card.gifx1 Porcellio

card.gifx1 Sohee

card.gifx1聽 Incubus

card.gifx2 Caballero abismal聽

Paquete de hermandad 15 de usuario

5277.gifx1 Yellow Bandana

5225.gif聽x2 parade hat

5423.gifx1 I Love China

5596.gifx2 trebol

5377.gifx2 pipas

5453.gifx1 rwc oro

2701.gifx6 Orlean's Gloves

card.gifx4 stalactic golem

card.gifx4 Horn

card.gifx4 cecil

card.gifx4 gotas

2733.gifx600 valor

2733.gifx600 bravery

4729.gifx1 + 3dex

4729.gifx1 + 1dex

Paquete de 3 cartas basicas (1xmatyr, 1xRaydric, 1xthara frog, 1xmarc, 1xisilla, 1xzerom)

Pr贸ximamente se ir谩n actualizando los guilds packs

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